Visual Task Timer

IMG_3981Visual Task Timer – the countdown timer built for public speakers, teachers, students and their parents . Everything about Visual Task Timer is designed to make it easy to see at a glance exactly how much time is left so you can concentrate on finishing your task. No more trying to find a wall clock halfway through a final exam or glancing at your watch in the middle of a big presentation.

  • Visual Task Timer’s elegant, high-contrast display is easy to read from a distance.
  • Set an audible low-time warning to remind you to start wrapping up.
  • Visual Task Timer lets you disable your device’s lock screen so the time display remains easily visible throughout your task.
  • An optional overtime clock display can tell you how much extra time you’ve used.
  • Customize Visual Task Timer to your needs with settings to mute sounds and use light or dark color themes.
  • Visual Timer is a universal App.  It works great on all sizes of iPhones and iPads and supports iPad split-screen multitasking.
  • Visual Task Timer supports iOS automation and inter-app communication using URL schemes.  Power users can to launch, configure, and query Visual Task Timer from other Apps such as Safari, Workflow, and Launch Center Pro.  Documentation on using URL schemes to work with Visual Task Timer is available here

Why does the world need another countdown timer app? I’m frequently required to give public speeches or make presentations.  I’m also quite nearsighted, which makes it difficult for me to read wall clocks from a distance.  I’ve long sought a simple timer app that I could just set down on a nearby desk or podium to help keep my talks from running too long. No app I could find quite fit the bill. Some are beautiful but difficult to read. Many let my phone’s lock screen blank the display after a few minutes. And as far as I can tell, none provide an option for an audible low-time reminder. I designed Visual Task Timer to meet my own needs, but I’ve since found that it can serve many other useful functions. We use It with our kids to help them keep track of how much time they need to spend doing homework or practicing their musical instruments. Teachers can use it help administer tests. Just prop an iPad up in front of the class, and your students will know exactly how much time remains before “pencils down.” Need to keep a panel of conference presenters on schedule? No need to assign an intern to keep time; let Visual Task Timer do the job. We hope you’ll agree that Visual Task Timer lives up to Pterosaur Design’s motto: “do simple things well.”

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2 thoughts on “Visual Task Timer

  1. Hello, as a professional speaker, my speeches are sometimes under 1 hour… In fact, I am preparing a 5 minute speech at this time. I would be nice to have 5:00 (ie. minutes:seconds) versus 0:05 with seconds below… could we have that option?? Also, as I practice over and over again, how about using that counterclockwise arrow to reset my timer? Another button could be used to set a new time… thank you!

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  2. Thanks very much for these interesting suggestions. Reporting, mn:sc rather than hr:mn/sc for shorter timers is a great idea and is definitely something I could try to implement in a later update.


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